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Apply for an account with Economix

We appreciate your interest in our 30 day trading account. As a business we want to help our customers grow and make business transactions simpler for everyone. our 30 day trading account will offer many benefits in deliverying greater service experience to you and your customers.



Please take a second to download our Credit Application Online.

– Extended payment terms to help you better manage your cash flow

– Simpler monthly statements from Economix to clarify your spendings

– Access to great features such as MobileConnect. Monitor the progress of your delivery

Please make sure you and your guarantor read the instructions and terms & conditions outlined in the credit application before returning it to us.

The application “will NOT be assessed until the original application is received via mail. Our mailing address is Unit 1, 19-21 Fuller Road, Deer Park 3023. We thank you for your cooperation.

Terms of Use

Please ensure that the forms are completed in full and a copy of the guarantors driver’s license is sent in with the original copy of the application via mail.

Please note that you are only required to initial the terms and conditions pages of the office copy, do not complete the acceptance by supplier page, this is for Economix office use only!! Trade References provided must be land line or fax numbers as we “do not” accept trade references with mobile numbers.