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Stylish, Durable Decorative Concrete For Your Property

Stylish, Durable Decorative Concrete For Your Property

Welcome to Economix for stylish, durable decorative concrete options for your property or project.

Your choice of flooring material can define the overall appeal of your property. However, you know that not all your surfaces require premium flooring solutions, especially outdoor locations, kitchens, and other types of environments.

At Economix, we offer an excellent range of decorative concrete flooring solutions for the residential, commercial, and industrial construction sectors of Victoria. Our decorative concrete is a great choice if you want to add style, durability, and functionality with minimal expense.

More precisely, our concrete mixing solutions are the best option to get a premium look and feel for your surface by choosing a cost-effective flooring option.

Range Of Decorative Concrete Solutions

We have a diverse range of decorative concrete solutions to help our customers to combine quality, style, and durability. We can complement your project with custom solutions that can exactly fit the architecture of the project.

Our major decorative concrete solutions include the following:

Exposed Aggregate

Do you want to ensure excellent slip-resistance capability for your surfaces – both interior and exterior – without compromising the style and appeal? Then, our range of exposed aggregate is the fitting choice for your requirement.

Economix offers exposed aggregates in different finishes to fit the functional and aesthetic requirements of our customers:

  • Standard Finish – The natural stones are added to high-quality concrete to combine the beauty of stones with the durability of the concrete.
  • Blasted Finish – An ideal choice for your outdoor spaces if you want to give the beauty of beaches.
  • Polished Finish – A great exposed aggregate choice if you want to get a uniquely stylish, impressive interior.


Explore our range of exposed aggregate further and see what fits for your world.

Stencil Concrete

Do you want the impression of plain concrete with a striking finish while ensuring excellent durability? If yes, stencil concrete is your choice as it helps you to create some stunning styles – recreating terracotta or slate finishes.

With more than 30 years of experience in concrete solution supplying, we know the requirements of residential, commercial, and industrial customers of Melbourne and Greater Geelong. We will supply stencil concrete solutions in a range of colours and patterns to help you to create your surfaces the way you love.

With the hard wearing, slip-resistant features, it is ideal for all your surfaces that require minimal maintenance, including terraces, patios, pathways, driveways, pool surrounds, and more. Browse our comprehensive range of stencil concrete options to find yours.

Impression Concrete

Impression concrete is the choice for people who love stamp imprints of stones or slate in concrete. At Economix, we exactly replicate the textures, finishes, and colour features of natural stones and slate to give you the original feel and appeal you want.

It is ideal for both modern and traditional homes with stylish finishes and strength. Impression concrete can change the appeal of your high traffic areas such as walkways and driveways. It is also an excellent choice if you want to recreate the feel of a natural surface while enjoying the benefits of being economical.

Go through our range of impression concrete solutions.

Colour Through

Do you want concrete in specific colours to complement the architecture of your property? Economix offers coloured concrete solutions, made from excellent quality concrete and pigments.

Note that we source the pigments from the trusted names of the industry who are known for manufacturing synthetic, inorganic, man-made, and stable pigments that are credited with excellent resistance to UV radiation.

Explore our range of colour concrete solutions to see what can suit for your project.

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