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Fibre Mesh

High-Quality Fibre Mesh In Melbourne

Durability and strength are the two most expected outcomes of every construction project. Each construction project has to deal with several challenges and should have the right construction standards in place to achieve optimal strength and durability.

Are you searching for high-quality fibre mesh in Melbourne to make your construction lasting and robust? Do you think that you need some reinforcedconcrete solutions to avoid structural damages or cracks in your construction?

Welcome to Economix – the destination for quality construction supplies for Melbourne and Geelong.

We have nearly three decades of expertise and relentless commitment to offer superior solutions to the commercial and residential sectors of Melbourne and surrounding locations.

Why FibreMesh?

It is a great way to reinforce your concrete to provide lasting results. By using fibre mesh, you can ensure that the following benefits for your construction project:

  • It increases the structural integrity of your concrete
  • Limits any water bleeding through the concrete
  • High impact resistance for your concrete
  • Helps your concrete to withstand the ambient temperature changes better
  • Reduces the cracks on concrete, also reduces the severity of cracks

Do you know fibre mesh concrete is a cost-effective way to reinforce the concrete compared to wire mesh solutions? Fibre mesh is also credited for reinforcing the entire width of the concrete compared to other solutions.

Fibre Mesh FromEconomix

Economix offers engineered fibre mesh that addresses specific concerns of the construction industry. Our fibre mesh solutions reinforce your concrete and make it capable of containing tensions beyond its cracking limit.

The fibres control the development as well as the growth of microcracks in your concrete, stopping them from becoming visible macrocracks.

You can choose micro-synthetic fibres, macro-synthetic fibres, blended fibre meshes, and poly steel fibres from us based on your specific needs. Do you want to learn more details about our fibre mesh range? Talk to our construction supply experts today.

Ideal For A Range Of Projects

You can choose our fibre mesh products for an excellent range of applications that require high tension resistance and better integrity. Some of the most common projects where people find these products ideal include the following:

  • Driveways
  • Footpaths
  • Carports
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Raft house slabs
  • On ground slabs
  • Patios
  • All light vehicle traffic areas

Our range of fibre mesh reduces the water voids and air voids to increase the structural integrity of your concrete. Also, based on the type of fibre mesh, your concrete can withstand creep better and improve static and dynamic properties.

Why Should You Choose Economix?

Economix is the leader of the construction supply industry of Melbourne with three decades of seamless service. We offer a comprehensive range of building supplies and solutions, from premix concrete to garden care products. Therefore, you get all your construction products and services under one roof.

At Economix, we are a team of construction supply experts with the commitment to offer superior service experience to our customers. Our solutions are engineered, manufactured, and tested to provide the highest possible standards. We make this possible with our strong focus on technology and by quickly incorporating the latest innovations to our services and solutions.

As a leading supplier of fibre mesh based in Deer Park, we ensure timely, efficient delivery of products anywhere in Melbourne and Geelong with our experienced logistics team. Note that we source the building supply products from the leading names of the industry who are known for the highest quality products.

We are also cautious about the environment and supply solutions that create minimal effects on the environment, our customers, and people. We also ensure the optimal use of resources and minimise waste.

Choose The Fibre Mesh Solution For Your Project Today

Call us today on (03) 9361 1311 or contact us online to let us know your specific requirements. It is your choice for high performing, long lasting, robust construction solutions.