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Stamped Concrete in Melbourne

The look of natural stone or slate with the durability of concrete

Impression is a stamp imprint made on fresh concrete that replicates the textures, colour features and finish of slate or stone. It is ideal for driveways and pathways making a beautiful and affordable impression on the landscape and garden features of traditional and modern homes.

There are many benefits to using stamped concrete. Concrete is one of the most durable building materials available for paving, which comes in handy for high traffic areas such as driveways and walkways. With proper preparation, steel reinforcing and finishing techniques, stamped concrete is second to none in terms of its durability.

Choosing stamped concrete over other paving materials such as natural stone can be a more economical choice. When installed properly stamped concrete can offers the same looks as natural stone and slate but with durability to last a lifetime.

The biggest advantage to stamped concrete is the variety of appearances and colours combined with the durability of concrete. Concrete stamping provides unlimited design opportunities such as aged cobblestones, brickwork, flagstones, slate tile, marble, granite, wood, or just about any natural surface.

Colours and patterns are indicative only. Inspection of completed works by referred concrete contractors and actual manufactured colour samples is recommended to confirm choice of colour, pattern and finish for the completed works.