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Premixed Concrete

Decocrete™ Concrete

We offer Decocrete™ for a durable and decorative alternative to standard concrete.

Our Decocrete™ range includes:

Exposed Aggregate

Standard Finish – The natural beauty of stones in durable concrete

Blasted Finish – Bring the beauty of the beach to your outdoor spaces

Polished Finish – Create a unique indoor space with out polished concrete range



Colour Through

Our exposed aggregate colour through allows you to choose from a wide variety of aggregates and concrete colours. Any of these colours can be used as a base for any exposed, blased or polished concrete finish.

Economix has a wide variety of samples for your view to help you make the right decision. Refer to our Decocrete™ brochue for more detailed information including sample images


Enhance the workability or finish of the concrete with our performance product. We have gone beyond the benchmark to provide you with superior quality concrete.

Used in most domestic buildings on slabs and driveways Economix Fibre Mesh/Poly Steel Fibre helps improve the durability of concrete and reduce cracking on concrete.

Our Block Fill product is manufactured to meet the needs of every builder. Our Block fill can reach difficult in ground structures without segregation issues found in other products.

Economix offers a complete range of stabilised sands to compliment the overall result of your project. Used in bedding and base and many other applications, Stabilised Sands helps by improving the foundation to provide consistent concrete finish

All our products strictly follows the guidelines and specification as required by the ASN. Please clink the link before if you wish to find out more about the specifications of our concrete products.