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Stabilised Sands

Finest Quality Stabilised Sand In Melbourne

Quality construction materials decide the durability of buildings and structures. There is no difference whether you choose cement, steel roads, sand, or anything else for your property, high-quality products deliver durable results.

Do you know that the quality of the sand you use as the bedding for your construction is also highly critical in deciding its quality and durability? Be it for backfilling and bedding, lack of compaction can make your construction less strong and durable.

That is the reason why most builders around the globe prefer to choose stabilised sand for backfilling and bedding before they lay the concrete. A strong foundation can impart to the quality of the overall construction.

Are you searching for a reliable, affordable stabilised sand supplier in Melbourne to make your construction highly durable?

Welcome to Economix. Having provided reliable services for more than three decades, we are the most sought-after supplier of construction materials in Melbourne.

Why Stabilised Sand?

Stabilised sand is a mixture of different types of sands and cement ideal for the construction industry. With a minimum amount of water and a fixed proportion of cement, you get the right foundation of your needs.

Stabilised sand is ideal for all types of constructions, including large commercial projects, residential houses, renovations, and new builds. With its water permeable characteristics, strength, and processing time – usually 3 hours – stabilised sand becomes the primary choice for bedding across the globe.

The Stabilised Sands Of Economix

At Economix, we offer a range of patented blends of stabilised sands that can make your construction superior, by providing the desired results and ensuring the success of your project.

With the right amount of cement additives, the Economix stabilised sands become a great choice for your following range construction applications:

  • Underfilling and infilling of pipes
  • Bedding for driveways and patios
  • For levelling, especially for the construction of roads
  • As a base for slabs and cover floors

Note that our range of sands is finely mixed concrete additives to contribute to the specific, basic goals of concrete: strength and durability.

 What Makes Our Stabilised Sands Unique?

We produce and supply cement stabilised sand with approximately 10 percent of its content being cement. This improves the hydraulic properties and stability of the sand and makes it an excellent choice for the heavy traffic construction sector, including road construction.

We follow superior manufacturing standards and produce our range of stabilised sand at our Deer Park plant. Do you want natural or recycled blends of stabilised sands based on your specific requirements?

Talk to our construction supply experts today and let us know your particular project requirements. We are excited to collaborate with you and provide you with the right sand solution.

We Are Fully Flexible To Your Needs

At Economix, we are fully flexible to the needs of our residential, industrial, and commercial customers. Even when we are versatile, we never compromise on quality and reliability. With an excellent fleet of concrete mixer trucks and a team of experienced logistics professionals, we can always guarantee you on-time service anywhere in Victoria, including Melbourne and Geelong locations.

With over three decades of service in the industry, including the supply of stabilised sand across Melbourne, we have created a management system that coordinates everything centrally. This means that you get hassle-free, prompt, consistent-quality service from us. Combined with regular communication, you will truly feel the difference of professional, friendly service experience.

We also have set a competitive pricing policy, and that helps our customers to get high-value solutions from us.

Choose The Right Blend Of Stabilised Sand Today

Call us today on (03) 9361 1311 or contact us online to let us know your specific needs. We will guide you choose the right blend of stabilised sand based on your specific project needs.