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Stabilised Sands

The groundwork is everything

Regardless of the project, even the best quality concrete will be lacking if the foundation upon which it is laid is inferior. Economix, with their commitment to the entire process, also offer a range of stabilised sands to compliment your project and ensure its overall success.

Our own patented blend of various sand types and just the right amount of cement additives make Economix stabilised sand ideal for:

  • Bedding for driveways and patios
  • Underfilling and infilling of pipes
  • A Base for slabs
  • Levelling

Being water permeable also opens up the scope of use for Economix stabilised sand, as does its strength, versatility and processing time. For small or large projects, new builds and renovations, domestic or commercial applications; Economix stabilised sands meet the same standard of excellence that we expect from every product in our extensive range.